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You Need to Know About HAVING A PLAN


Take a moment and think — what is your biggest fear as a student? 

For me, I am constantly worrying about whether I am taking the right courses. I fear that one day very soon, when I am a stone’s-throw away from graduating, I will find out that I messed up and am missing some required courses, and therefore will have to delay my graduation.

However, I have found a very simple solution. Have a Plan.

In my first year, I didn’t just pick my courses. I tried to come up with an idea of what I wanted to get out of my university experience. I looked at the list of the hundreds of courses offered at York, and I tried to found some, from 1000 level to 4000 level, that I could see myself finding interesting. I tried to map out a rough sketch of my degree, taking into consideration how many credits I wanted to take each year, as well as adding in my General Education and Required courses. After a few days (off and on) of checking, I had finally come up with a plan — a rough plan, but a plan.

Frankly, that is all that it takes. If you would like to avoid having thoughts about whether or not you are going to graduate on time because of the courses you have chosen, create a plan at the beginning of your degree, and at the end of each year, re-evaluate that plan and see if it is still in line with your interests. Simultaneously, make sure that your plan is adequate enough that there will be no surprises right before graduation.

How do you create the most solid plan possible? Try some of these tips!

  • Make an Academic Advising Appointment
    Make an appointment with either your college or faculty academic advisor (or both), and show them your plan. Listen to the advice they give you, and make sure to follow up with your own research afterward
  • Use the ‘Search for Courses’ Tool
    Browse as many courses as you can, find some interesting ones, and use it to check for credit exclusions, prerequisites for certain courses, etc. You can also use it to plot out a great timetable draft for the year, before you have even picked your courses! You can find the ‘Search for Courses’ Tool HERE
    Use your Degree Progress Report to let you know how far along you are in completing your degree. Want to know what parts of your degree you have accomplished? Want to know what areas you still have to fulfill? THIS IS WHERE YOU FIND IT! You can access your Degree Progress Report HERE

Have a plan, and don’t be caught off guard on graduation day!

Best of luck in choosing your courses!

~ Christopher Ford

Me and my best friend, Jeff

Me and my best friend, Jeff


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