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YU Connect — The Hub for Everything Extra-Curricular

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There is a lot to being a York University student, even outside of one’s academics. There are clubs to join, events to go to, and volunteering to do; there are jobs to apply for, sports to play, and workshops to attend.

And still, the list goes on.

Needless to say university can, at times, be tough to keep up with — so tough that you may feel you do not have enough time to do anything outside of your schoolwork.

However, what if I told you of a place where you could access all of those things — a place where joining clubs, signing up for events and workshops, and much, much more is done with a single click.

Although sounding too good to be true, such a place does, in fact exist.

This place is YU Connect — it is a site that is the hub for everything co-curricular at York University.

Want to know what’s going on on campus? YU Connect is a great place to find out.

Want to join a particular club, organization, or charity? YU Connect is a where you can do that.

Want to get some volunteer experience? Once again, YU Connect is a great place to find out how.

But how does it work?


YU Connect is available for all York U students, both undergraduate and graduate — basically anyone at York U who has a Passport York username and password!

It is incredibly easy to set up — the only extra things you need to join are a campus e-mail address (example@yorku.ca) and  the willingness to get involved!

Once signed up, users can access a number of different great features that YU Connect has to offer, the first of which is the extensive organizations list.

Were you ever curious to see if York had a club based upon your interests? It’s easy to find out! All you need to do is click Organizations on your Home page, and a full list of all York’s clubs, councils, charities, publications, and much more will appear. You can even select your interests, and YU Connect will recommend clubs specifically for you!

One of the great things about YU Connect is the convenience. If you are looking to join clubs, all you need to do is click Join Organization. Once your membership is approved by a club executive, you will receive messages on YU Connect about club meetings, events, and more — you can even modify your settings so that messages are automatically forwarded to your York Mail account.

That is not the only thing that happens once your membership is approved, however. Once you have an approved membership in a club, it will appear on a form called your “Co-Curricular Record,” or your CCR, which is downloadable right from YU Connect.

But what is a CCR?


Your CCR is essentially your co-curricular resumé at York University. Your CCR will not only show a list of your club memberships, but also how long you have been a member of those clubs; how many approved service hours you have donated to each club (which you can track and submit for approval right on YU Connect) and what you have learned through your time working with each club (which is shown through a personal reflection that is written by you)!

Your CCR will also showcase the certificates that you receive through attending workshops at York, such as the York University Passport to Student Success workshop, and the many other available Student Development and/or Learning Skills workshops. All eligible certificates are listed on YU Connect!

Finally, nothing will show up on your CCR unless you want it to — when you click Co-Curricular Record from the drop-down My Inolvement menu, it will bring you to a screen that shows a sample of your CCR. You can drag and drop parts of your CCR record that you would like to include or omit (however, you can only do so with club memberships and/or certifications that you have received).

Your CCR record is yours to command — you can use it to apply for jobs on and off campus; you can use it when applying to law school, medical school, or any other graduate program; you can use it to run for an executive position on a club, or for applying to join a new club. You can even bring it York’s Career Centre and, with the help of a Career Centre Representative, have parts of your CCR integrated into your formal Resumé.

Aside from all of these great things about YU Connect, some may still wonder: Why get involved? Why even use YU Connect?

Well, tune in on Wednesday for my “Top 10 Reasons to Get Involved” Article!

Thanks for reading!

~ Christopher Ford
Christopher Ford


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