30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

DAY 2 >> 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

                   What made you decide to come to York?

To be honest, in high school, I never wanted to come to York University. But I sure am glad that I made the decision to do so!

Being a football player in high school, I had big dreams of playing CIS football for Queens, or McMaster, or for Western. Simultaneously, I worked hard in class, and I knew that I wanted to go to university and to better myself through learning.

Most of all though, I was getting frustrated with growing up. I wanted freedom to make my own decisions and to steer my own future, and I felt that the only way to get that freedom was to be away from home.

Basically, I wanted to go to a university away from my home in Markham, and they had to have a good football team.

This is exactly what I would tell my friends and family, who began in grade ten to ask me about my post-high school plans. And obviously, York University at that time didn’t fit under that description.

As it approached the time to apply for schools, although I was no longer concerned about which university had the better football team, I still wanted to go away for school and get the residence experience. My mom, however, wanted me to stay close to home, and I myself began to realize that economically, staying at home was a better choice.

So I was down to a handful of universities that were still close enough for me to commute by bus; I applied to Ryerson, University of Toronto, and York U. My first choice had been Ryerson, my second (upon insistence from my mother) was University of Toronto, and my third and final choice had been YU.

Not wanting to make any mistakes, I made sure to get to know each school as much as I could before making a decision. I travelled to each campus, explored on each website, and even wrote a pro-con chart.

Overall, out of those three, I found that I ended up liking York U a lot more than Ryerson or UofT for a number of reasons.

For one, the commute from Markham to York was much shorter than the others; I loved the sheer size of the campus, and the fact that it had defined borders, and I felt that it was a perfect fit to what I wanted from my university of choice; I loved the friendliness of all the profs and upper year students that I met; and most of all, the way that the university made me feel welcome as a potential new student. Also, my uncle is a current professor at Osgoode Law School, and knowing that I had a familiar connection on campus really sealed the deal for me.

Overall, the pros pointed overwhelmingly towards accepting York University. And although unsure at first, I have became happier and happier about making that decision ever day since first enrolling (which was also the same day that I came to the RED Zone)!


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