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Want a good reason to get involved at York? How about 10!

These are my top ten reasons to get involved on campus!

  1. Explore & Experience
    By joining clubs, or playing intramurals, or by getting involved in the many other possible ways, you can explore and experience new things – Whether it’s archery, or martial arts, or charity work, Get Involved, and try something new!
  2. Learn new skills
    Through being involved, you have the ability to learn something new, and thereby gain some new skills (or even build upon some old ones!). Don’t just let class be your only teacher – Get involved, and learn things that will stay with you for the rest of your life!
  3. Make Friends
    Finding people with similar interests as you is simple when you’re a part of the same club, council, charity, or team. Getting involved is a great way to make friends for life!
  4. Network
    Looking to build on your professional networks? Once again, getting involved is a great way to meet people with the same interests and in the same fields as you! Could your career begin within a club at York? Absolutely!
  5. Have a Place to Hang Out
    Many groups on campus have offices/lounges for members to spend time in – being an active member of a group certainly has its perks!
  6. Make a Change
    Want to make an actual change in the York community? How about a change around the globe? Many organizations on campus do amazing things both at York, around Canada, and around the globe – United for Parity, a club at York dedicated to “providing relief to the least privileged families in Kibera, Kenya,” is but one of many student groups at York making changes for a better York, a better Canada, and a better world!
  7. Build your Co-Curricular Record
    Remember that CCR I talked about yesterday? Being involved on campus is how you can begin to build it! It is your co-curricular resumé, and great for applying to graduate school and/or for jobs on and off campus!
  8. Relieve Stress
    I can tell you from experience – when you are involved and have your mind occupied by things you love, stress seems to melt away as quicker than it takes to say York. Get involved, and not only gain friends and life experiences, but also an outlet for your stresses!
  9. Improve Time Management
    You may think that you don’t have time for getting involved – however, committing to being involved on campus is a great way to give your schedule structure and balance between work and play!
  10. Have Fun
    I think this last one speaks for itself – do you really need to be convinced?

So get involved! With almost 500 different clubs, councils, charities, teams, and organizations, you’re bound to find something that fits what you’re looking for!

**Feel free to submit YOUR top 10 reasons for getting involved to The New York-er!


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