30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

DAY 3 >> 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

What was the last performance you saw at York (ex: musical, play, movie, music performance, etc) and how was it? 

I unfortunately didn’t get a chance to go to that as many performances as I would have liked, but I did get out to a few of them!

The most recent one that I saw, which was by far the best, was The Vagina MonologuesThis completely student-run performance, brought to audiences by VDAY @ York, was an extremely powerful performance that provided insight into the oppression and violence that women around the world are subjected to on a daily basis. Although going to the performance in support of my friend Danielle (who was an actor in the show), I left shocked and in awe, with a driving desire to create a better world for women anywhere I could.

Overall, it was a fantastic performance. And I truly hope that it continues to be shown at York University, because it had such a powerful effect on all those in attendance.

“Until the Violence Stops…”

~ Christopher Ford


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