30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

DAY 4 >> 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

If you could rid the York U community of one thing, what would it be?

I love being a student at York, as you can probably tell. I have loved my classes (for the most part), I have loved life at my college, and I have loved campus life as a whole.

So why is it that so many tweets about York U have the hashtag #YorkUProblems?

Frankly, I don’t understand it. There are so many amazing things about York that are never even mentioned (or even accessed, for that matter) and yet there is so much negativity.

The funniest part is: so many of the tweets about #yorkuproblems are not even about problems at York! Many are about personal troubles that could happen anywhere, anytime, and to anyone, even outside of York U!


And I’m not the only person who has noticed this!

This kind of negativity is something that I would rid York of because it is many times unwarranted and untrue.

However, these tweets are not the only sources of negativity about York. I hear many things right from the mouths of many fellow students – even before I came to York, I was told things like ‘York doesn’t care about students,’ or ‘York doesn’t do anything to help out students.’

Once again, these statements are many times unwarranted and untrue, and I would guarantee that if you asked these same students about whether they have even once reached out for help from their professor  or their faculty, or even from the many services at York like the Writing Centres, Learning Commons, Counselling & Disability services, or Faculty & College-specific academic advising services, they would answer with a shy and guilty no.

The issue here is ignorance. I will not sit here and pretend that York is perfect, because nobody (and no university) is, however I would bet that if all York students took the time to learn about York services and experience the rich campus life, the negativity would quickly dissipate and turn to love for their university.

So, to sum up my answer into one sentence, if I could rid York of one thing, I would rid it of negativity through keeping students informed and on campus.


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