30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

DAY 10 >> 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

Write About a Student Cause at York that Inspires You

FINALLY. After a pretty long break, I’m going to get right back into my 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge. As always, I encourage you to try your own 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge – York U Life & Life as a York U Lion are already well underway with their’s!

And so, I return to answering the question – Write About a Student Cause at York that Inspires You. Frankly, there are many student causes that inspire me – I have had the opportunity to meet a great deal of student leaders and activists at York U, and I find a new reason to be inspired all the time!

However, if I were to pick a single student cause, it would definitely have to be STUDENTS FOR YORK (S4Y). I just recently learned about this student group, however their mission is one that I truly support.

On their Facebook page, S4Y states that they are “A non-partisan, non-profit organization that intends to serve as a voice for students, while supporting York University’s mission and values.” Their mission is to build a sustainable community at York University.

However, I do not think one sentence can do them justice. After speaking with one of the executives of the club this past week, I have learned that their mission goes much deeper than just building a sustainable community – S4Y strives to bring unity to an often divided York community. The group runs various events that not only help to engage students, but also to allow students with varying opinions and beliefs to come together through open dialogue. In this day and age, where conflicts rage around the world, I think a little unity can go a long way, and I am really liking what S4Y is doing for the York Community.

I’ll have to learn a little more about them. But so far, I like what I’m seeing!

~ Christopher Ford

p.s. On the subject of my recent break from the 30 day Blogging @ York U Challenge – I will try to release Day 11 today to try to catch up a bit. However, if not, I will simply continue tomorrow as per usual! I’m only going to posting during weekdays, though (unless I’m feeling really inspired during a day on the weekend)!


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