30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

DAY 16 >> 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

What’s one thing that you have done during your time at York that most people haven’t done?

I regret having to say this, but one thing that I have done during my time at York so far that most people haven’t is that I have gotten involved.

The reason why I regret having to say this is because I wish more people joined clubs, or ran for their college council, or volunteered with theYFS or York is U. I truly wish I didn’t have to say that most people haven’t done it, because there are so many great reasons to get involved and to be an avid member of the York community. So, if there is one thing I would like you to take from this post, it is that getting involved is a great way to make your undergrad experience rewarding and unforgettable. 

Looking for solid reasons why you should get involved? Check out my article about the Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Get InvolvedAlso, if you’re looking to get your extra-curricular journey started, definitely make an account on YU Connectto get access to the full list of clubs, to your events cork-board, and to your Co-Curricular Record!

~ Chris


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