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“What Does Academic Integrity Mean To You?”

The New York-er asked a number of current York University students: “What does Academic Integrity Mean to You?”

Here were some of the answers given…


“Academic integrity means always doing the best you can. No shortcuts.

Michelle Le
Health Policy

1001076_10153090867515434_2026055035_n“It means giving people credit for their work.”

Ernest Boakye

970980_10153123080270157_1015943025_n“It means following the rules – even if you know you won’t get caught.”

Morgan Shuker
Administrative Studies (Management)

“It means being honest and fair to the other people who are trying 1068857_10153073442255434_2082718952_ntheir best – how would you feel if someone who cheated got the same mark as you when you worked hard?”

Tahseen Mia
Administrative Studies (Accounting)

sheilashahrokhi_1369464298_23“It means respecting others and their hard work.”

Sheila Shahrokhi
Kinesiology & Health Sciences

544904_10151911577511542_1482665178_n“It means the importance of authenticity in your assignments”

Asmita Pal
BA ’13 – Children’s Studies


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