30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

DAY 20 >> 30 Day Blogging @ York U Challenge

Write about the best (or worst) event you’ve been to at York

Virtually every event I have been to at York has been simply fantastic. Of course, there were a few that I liked more than others, but overall they have all been great so far – and there are still more to attend during this year!

Underground (3)

November: the one month a year that I can grow a moustache without anyone complaining (much)

I would definitely have to say though that the event I enjoyed most (outside of frosh week) was the Movember Pub Night at The Underground! I went with a few of my friends and we had an awesome time. There are lots of other pub nights going on all year round at the Underground – there’s actually a Pub Night happening tonight for YorkFest! There are also lots of pub nights throughout the year at The Absinthe Pub (located in Winters College) and at Vanier College (put on by the Vanier College Council)!

Underground (1)
I really need to find a photo pose other than the ‘thumbs-up’

The great thing about pub nights at York is that you don’t have to be of age, and you don’t have to be a drinker. When I was in first year, it kind of made me feel left out when all of my of-age friends were going to pubs off campus and I couldn’t come – but at pub nights at York, you are simply given either a stamp or a wrist band indicating that you are under 19, and then you can go in and party with your friends. With great friends, great music, and a great atmosphere, who even needs alcohol to have a good time?

Overall, Pub nights are a great way to meet new people, to have some fun, and to experience the rich diversity that we have here at York. You should definitely check a few of them out during the year (starting tonight at the YorkFest pub night)!

~ Christopher Ford

**Blast From The Past**  Here's my good friend Patrice & I at our high school grad!

**Blast From The Past**
Here’s my good friend Patrice & I at our high school grad!


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