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To The Student Who Asked About Support Services For Students With Eating Disorders…

Hello there,

Sorry for getting back to you so late. I have been trying to find out as much info about this subject as I can, because it is certainly a really important one.

There are a number of supports for you as a student, whether for academics or for things going on in your personal life. HealthED is an awesome support, and it is a great resource for everything health-related. They have many articles on their blog, as well as workshops that you can attend, that are centred around nutrition, eating well, and body image.

As well, York University has an amazing department called Counselling & Disability Services (CDS, for short), and it is an amazing support for any student who’s going through a hard time at school. You can access free counselling, support groups, tons of workshops, as well as many other supports, through the Personal Counselling Services department within CDS.

I hope that was helpful. I’m going to look into this some more during the year, and I will make sure to update this post if I find anything else!

Christopher Ford~ Christopher Ford

p.s. If you’re ever having a hard time, my ask box on thenewyork-er.tumblr.com  and my twitter inbox (@C55Ford) are always open.


2 thoughts on “To The Student Who Asked About Support Services For Students With Eating Disorders…

  1. Also I know that last year CDS offered an ED support group, there were some flyers outside of the Mental Health centre and a pamphlet that outlined all their support services. For off campus Sheena’s Place and Kyla Fox Therapy Centre offer drop in programs as well!

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