Need to Know, Weekly Featured Article


I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that you simply don’t have enough apps on your computer.

But have no fear – whether you have a mac, pc, or a tablet, there’s lots of cool apps and stuff that you can use. So if Paint and Notepad just won’t cut it anymore to satisfy all of your computer needs, here are ten new ones for you to check out.


The Kindle app is an amazing app that allows you to bring your books everywhere! It is available on virtually every device out there – check out the ad below to see if there is a kindle app available for your device! If you have an amazon account, you can purchase books (some of which are free) for pleasure reading, for research, or even for classes – some textbooks are available for purchase as ebooks! 

Screen shot 2013-10-02 at 1.49.11 PM

Self Control

This app is great for those who are easily distracted (life myself). It is a free and open source application, and it is a great tool that allows you to block certain selected websites for an allotted period of timelike, for example, Facebook or Twitter, when you have only one more day to study for your midterm!

It can be downloaded here, however it is important to note that this particular application is only available for Mac computers. There are some similar applications that can be downloaded for PCs, such as SelfRestraint and Cold Turkey – follow the link above and check out the FAQ page on to learn more about these other applications.


iCloud isn’t the only file sharing application out there. Dropbox is a great application that can be downloaded for free on both PC and Mac. It allows you to share files with others – which is useful for group projects & anyone working in a team setting – and to back up your own files. It allows you up to 18 GB of free space (2GB automatically, and then an extra 500MB for every person you recruit to Dropbox), and the best part is that you can still access all the files uploaded to Dropbox from your computer even when your computer is offline! Inversely, you can also access all your files from any other computer through signing in to your account at!

Download Dropbox here!


Need to design a pamphlet or a newspaper? Looking for a cheaper alternative to inDesign? Then Scribus is right for you! 

Scribus is a free, open source program that is awesome for designing professional documents.

You can download Scribus here!


Want Photoshop without having to put a dent in your bank account? Check out GIMP – it’s free, open source, and available on almost all operating systems. It has a lot of features that are similar to photoshop, and it’s really easy to use!

Download GIMP for free here!

For more applications, check out my blog later on this month – I will be posting another article about some other awesome apps for your computer, tablet, and/or smartphone!


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