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Time To Kick Off Co-Curricular Days!

It’s that  time of year once again: Co-curricular Days! I’ll be shipping out tonight to Kingston, ON, for a relaxing week of—

JOKES It won’t be relaxing, I’ll totally be studying the whole time. However, I still love Kingston and there are a few things that I plan on doing while I’m there!

  1. Go For A Run By The Water
    Still gotta work off the rest of the turkey from thanksgiving – why not do it by the water?
  2. Visit Ale House
    Heard lots of awesome things about this pub. We’ll see how it compares to the Absinthe Pub at Winters!

    Heard there’s a plane or two in there… Note sure why…

  3. Get all my assignments done
    …We’ll see how this one goes…
  4. English: Theological Hall, Queen's University,...

    Theological Hall, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada – Never been here before! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Visit a place I’ve never been before
    This one won’t be too hard. Kingston is an awesome city, and Queen’s has a really beautiful campus – there are certainly lots of places that I have yet to see!

  5. English: Old Fort Henry, Kingston Ontario

    Old Fort Henry, Kingston Ontario (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Check out a museum
    Maybe I’ll check out the MacLachlan Woodworking museum? Or maybe Fort Henry? OR MAYBE EVEN THE CANADIAN PENITENTIARY MUSEUM?I’m sure I’ll decide come tomorrow.

  6. Practice my French

So, in the spirit of the last item on my list, bon soir et j’espère que vous apprécierez vos journées périscolaires!

Feel free to let me know your plans for co-curricular days – the comment section below is always open!

…And, if you are fluent in french, feel free to correct me in the comments. Mais, n’oubliez pas que je suis débutant.

~ Christopher Ford


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