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My Trip During Co-Curricular Days

Although it was a cold and windy week in Kingston, ON, I had an absolute blast staying with my girlfriend and her housemates in their wonderful home near Queen’s University. Great friends, good fun, lots of homework, and Halloween were definitely the highlights of my week and weekend, and despite the weather I was still able to make the best of my co-curricular days.

But did I accomplish everything on my list of stuff to do during Co-Curricular Days? Let’s have a look and see!

**Note: if you didn’t get to see my to-do list before I left, check out my post from last week!

Go For A Run By The Water

Kingston, Ontario, Waterfront

love the waterfront in Kingston, and on Wednesday morning I braved the cold weather and ran alongside the shore. The view was breathtaking, and I don’t think I could ever get tired of the smell of wind and water from the lake. Shortly thereafter however my fingers began to numb a little, so, staying on the safe side, I decided to make my way back to the house.

It may also be important to mention that despite being warned not to wear my York University sweater through the Queen’s campus (because Queen’s students are very serious about Queen’s and stuff), I wore it proudly as I jogged through the Queen’s campus toward the water.


Visit Ale House

We had a nice night out for Halloween, however we never made our way over to Ale House.

Kind of sad, I know. But I did wear an Ale House Hat!

See? Isn't it awesome!?

See? Isn’t it awesome!?


Get All My Assignments Done

I sort of got this one done…definitely worked hard, but I took my time and enjoyed myself. Not to mention that the work is virtually never-ending this time of year, so it would have taken me a very long time, anyways.


Visit A Place I’ve Never Been Before

Shot on the campus of Queen's University in Ki...

Queen’s University’s Stauffer Library in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. It totally has a spiral staircase inside. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I TOTALLY did this. I walked downtown, saw Goodes Hall, went to Stauffer Library, and encountered so many acronyms for building names at Queen’s that it sounded like I was speaking in code. I almost felt like calling myself CF just to fit in.

But in all seriousness, Queen’s has a wonderful campus with some amazing historical architecture. Although York is Canada’s third largest university, Queen’s is Ontario’s second oldest university, and one of Canada’s oldest – it was established in 1841, 26 years before Canada even became a country. This means that it has tons of historical buildings, such as Ontario Hall, and I got a chance to explore many of them during my time up in Kingston last week.


Check Out A Museum

Really sad that I didn’t do this. But I definitely will next time I am up (when it isn’t pouring rain, of course)!


Practice My French

I tried…But it’s hard to find someone to practice with when you’re far from home.


And there you have it! Pretty productive overall, and I had some fun along the way!

~ Christopher Ford


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