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Study Music For Those Who Don’t Listen To Music While Studying

I usually don’t like listening to music while I study. At first I think it keeps me focused…

But then I catch myself jammin’ out and singing along.

And so, in general, I choose to forgo listening to study tunes.

HOWEVER, I have recently found a solution. This solution is called the Study Music Project.

Yes, you heard me correctly – The Study Music Project. It was created on Youtube by a guy named Dennis Kuo, and he has successfully created the best collection of study music I have ever encountered. I cannot even explain how awesome it is!

Generally, the songs are in either 15-25 min snippets, or in 1 hour sections – this is great, because it means you don’t have to worry about changing the songs that often! There are a number of different styles within each snippet, and every song is different. Overall, it’s a simply fantastic collection.

Need a sample? Check this one out (it’s one of my favs)!


~ Christopher


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