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ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE 2013: Don’t Get Infected

The ultimate goal of living during a zombie apocalypse is simple – DO NOT BECOME INFECTED.

This doesn’t necessarily have to be from a bite, although that is a pretty obvious way to get infected. Any sort of contact can lead to infection if you’re not careful.

The same goes during exam time. Often, it’s not just the assignment deadlines or the exams that will turn you into a study zombie – your attitude alone has the ability to decide your fate during this time of year.

Truly, attitude can be the difference between success and living a nightmare during the months of November and December. So here are some tips to keep it positive, and un-infected by the negative.

1) Break Down Your Work

Looking at a list that’s a mile long of things you need to review or finish off for a day can be pretty stressful.

So break it down into smaller tasks. Instead of saying that you have to read the whole textbook by the end of the day, maybe say that during this hour, you’ll read chapter one. By breaking it down, you can get much more done, and you’ll gain a better and more realistic idea as to how much work you can get done in a day – this could help you plan for the next day’s study sesh!

Then take a break and reward yourself. Chocolate usually works well for me.

Yeah, I basically study math

2) Take a Rest

Believe it or not, you aren’t a machine – Everyone needs breaks from time to time. So work for a set amount of time and then take a break and rest up. You’ll be glad you did!

3) Get some sleep

Sleep can affect your mood a great deal. Scientists say that more sleep = more positive thinking, and better retention of information. So more sleep means less collapsing on your desk from exhaustion.

Or the floor…

Despite popular belief, the floor at Scott library is not that comfortable. #DontBeThatGuy

Scientists also say that 100% of science is awesome.  And that 12.5% of statistics are made up. And that an undisclosed percentage of this sentence may or may not be an actual quote. Or something like that.

However, most of all…

4) Surround yourself with positive people

This is key during exams. It’s hard enough to stay motivated to study when you’re anxious and worrying, and I’m sure you don’t need any extra anxiety and nervousness from friends or classmates.

During this tough time, although it is certainly okay to support and help out people who might be going through a rough time and need support, don’t be responsible for trying to cure someone else’s exam blues. It might be contagious.

So maybe, if you can help it, try to steer clear of that guy from your psych class who complains everyday about how hard psych is. Or maybe tell that Negative Nancy from your 9am tutorial that you probably should just study alone this week.

Remember, for all intensive purposes, the glass is always half-full during exam time.

Keep it positive, and stay safe out there!

~ Christopher Ford


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