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The Holiday List

Every year at the beginning of the holidays, I like to make a list. This list is comprised of a number of things, such as stuff that I want to do over the break, stuff that I see throughout the year that would be cool to have, and stuff that I want to see while I have the time off. This list is sort of a preliminary one to my New Year’s list – except its better, because it’s a HOLIDAY LIST!

So here it is: My 2013 Holiday List!

Stuff To Do…



The last time I went snowshoeing was a few years ago – and last year I bought a brand new pair of snowshoes! I definitely can’t wait to hit some hiking trails over the break.

Pond Hockey

A number of years ago, my family and a few others in my community in Markham decided to build a hockey rink at our local park, and after getting approval from the municipal government we began to do it again every year. We would be there almost every evening playing hockey.

Unfortunately, as time went on, we all found that we had less and less time each year to spend on the rink, and for a little while, there was no rink. Other rinks have popped up in surrounding communities however, and I am most certainly going to strap on the skates for some pond puck this winter.

New Years 2011-2012

Spend Time With Family & Loved Ones

Noula & I (2)

When the stresses of school hit you from all angles, it is easy to forget to spend time and cherish your family and friends. So this break, it’ll be all about remembering the ones I love.

Review My School Stuff & Work On My Research Paper

The work never ends. Because I have a paper due next semester, not to mention all the readings, I might as well make an attempt to do some work, right? A little bit of work on it now could mean a lot less stress later!

Stuff To Get…

Textbook Holder


Air Scout Boots

I’m not usually too big on shoes – but I need some boots, and these are so cool!

Portable Tea Steeper

Nothing quite like a free leaf tea on a cold winter walk

Harry’s Razors

Aside from being well-crafted and the coolest razor I’ve ever seen, they also give back to those in need – the company donates 1% of sales and volunteers 1% of its team’s time to organizations. However, I think they may only ship their razors within the US

Project Repat Gift Box

You send Project Repat old t-shirts, and someone in the U.S. making a fair living wage turns them into a quilt. The gift box includes a pre-paid envelope that fits up to 30 shirts and a redeemable gift card to choose either a lap, twin or full-size blanket. To make the quilts, Project Repat works with NuPath, Inc., which employs individuals with disabilities. I think they also might only ship within the US, though.

LSTN Reclaimed Wood Headphones

These headphones are made out of reclaimed wood, and proceeds go to the Starkey Hearing Foundation – overall, a great socially-conscious company selling an even greater product

Stuff To See…

ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)

Haven’t been here in a long time, and I have been meaning to go back!

Distillery District (Toronto)

Will be heading there next weekend with A Pal who is a former Vanier Student! Can’t Wait!

Toronto Christmas Markets

I have heard great things – after going to Europe 2 years ago, my parents still cannot stop talking about the Christmas Markets. It will be really nice to experience some of that right here at home!

St. Lawrence Market (Toronto)

Fresh, local food? What’s not to like!


I’ve had enough with this freezing cold weather without a fresh blanket of the white stuff. COME ONNNNNNN WINTER!

And that’s my holiday list!

Feel free to make your own and post the link below in the comments! Or, if you’d like, comment and let me know what YOU think I should add to my list!

~ Christopher Ford


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