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Looking For Jobs? Get Online!

Finding a job, whether it’s a summer job or a full-time job, can be tough. You have to make a resume, get a few references, get all dressed up, and then walk around every store or restaurant you know of to find your future employer (because, let’s face it, you are the best potential employee ever).


All in all, it’s tough work.

But what if I told you that there was an easier way? Sure, you’ll still have to make a resume, but what if I told you that can go on a job hunt from the comfort of your own home?

Well, the truth is, YOU CAN! Probably one of the best ways to find a job today as a student is via the web. You can connect with different employers (including different departments at York University who offer work/study positions) through social media and through their websites – you simply have to know where to look!

  1. Before you begin, have a look at York’s Career Centre’s My Career Plan Checklist
    Set yourself up for success – whether looking for a summer job or looking to jumpstart your career, make sure that you’re ready! 
  2. Create accounts on Facebook & Twitter
    It’s amazing how many companies today – and how many departments at York – post about available positions on their social media accounts. Furthermore, social media (when used correctly) is a great tool to find information and network with people – including your future employer(s)! 
  3. Create a Linkedin profile
    If you are going to choose one social media platform to use, choose Linkedin. Your Linkedin Profile is essentially your online resume (with some awesome extra features, of course), and many employers have been known to hire their employees exclusively off of Linkedin!
  4. Watch some Job searching and Career Exploration videos from the Career Centre
  5. Use an online job posting site, including the Career Centre’s Online Job Posting System
    The Career Centre’s Job Posting system has many available positions ON CAMPUS! Check it out!
  6. Check out the Career Exploration & Job Search Tools, as well as the many other online resources from York’s Career Centre

So get on the web – your dream career/summer job awaits!

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~ Christopher


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