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Summer School – Is It For You? You NEED TO KNOW!

The summer school schedule is now up and ready for you to check out.

Yes, I know you all must be mentally jumping for joy right now.

In all seriousness though, there are a wide variety of courses offered from all faculties. So you’re bound to find one that you can take, if you’re up for it!

But should you take summer school?

Before you decide, there are a couple of questions that you really need to ask yourself. Read on, and find out what they are!

First, ask yourself whether you have enough credits so far. That is, have you taken a full course load this year and in previous years? 

If so, then you’re probably okay to not take summer school. However, if not, then you can use summer school to get caught up, and to ensure that you will graduate in 3-4 years (3 for BA, 4 for Hons BA).

Now ask yourself: Do you want to take 3-4 years to graduate, or would you like to take an extra year? This is another question that is important to ask. If you want to graduate in 5 years instead of 4, or 4 years instead of three, then you can usually afford to take one less course each year without taking summer school.

For example, in a BA Hons program, taking a full course load of 30 credits each F/W term will mean graduating in four years. However, if you want to take an extra year and graduate in 5 instead, then you can take 24 credits each year – this will still bring you to the required 120 credits, and your summers can remain free textbook-free!

There’s one more credit/course related question to ask yourself, and it’s arguably the most important – what do you want the next F/W term to look like for you? Do you prefer to have a full course load during the year, or would you prefer to lighten the load a little bit by taking a summer course or two? As long as you maintain your full time status during the year by taking 18 credits or more, take as many summer school courses as you’d like!

Now on to the more in-depth questions. First, What will you be doing this summer? I know that this is a pretty vague question, however it’s important to consider it.

Did you want to work? Did you want to travel? Did you want to volunteer, or get involved in your community?

Over and above all that, will you have time for summer school? If the answer is yes to, then get online and start checking out some courses in preparation for course selection! Remember, just like the F/W session, the summer session has different terms as well, so you can choose courses that fit your schedule – and your interests – perfectly!

~ Christopher Ford



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