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Why York’s Birthday Will Be Your Favourite Day Of The Year

York University turns 55 this year on March 26th, 2014. And you know what that means?

That means your soon-to-be most favourite day of the year is almost here!

Reasons why it’s awesome:

1) FREE Cupcakes, Snow Cones, & Popcorn

Because who doesn’t love stuffing their face for the sake of celebration? giphy

2) Annual Photo Competition (Win Free Coffee for Your WHOLE CLASS)

Faculty of Health Professor Walter Dyba’s class photo, Coaching- KIN 2475, was selected in 2013 as having “Best in Class Spirit” – his class received FREE Coffee!

3) Red & White Spirit Rally! (Tons of Energy and School Spirit Throughout The Day)

Seen here is Rhonda Lenton, vice-provost academic, and Steve Dranitsaris, senior executive officer in the Office of Vice-President, Finance & Administration, who dressed in their best York gear for Spirit Day 2012

Lots of people are showing their support – check out all of this year’s York Spirit Partners!

4)Discounts at the Bookstore and Pride Shop

Get 10% off selected items at the Pride Shop at Tait Mackenzie and 25% off all York gear at the Bookstore!

5) $10 Tees

I got my York shit the summer before my first day... Should have waited until Red & White Day

TEN. DOLLAR. YORK. TEES. I bought my (first) York Tee in first year for, like 25 bucks, if I remember correctly. I think you get my point…

6) Great Food


Food trucks on food trucks on food trucks.

7) Red & White EVERYWHERE


A group of York is U volunteers from last year’s Red & White Day

8) Because Another Year of York University is Definitely Something To Celebrate!

Maybe there will be another fireworks display, like at this year’s frosh week? One can dream, I suppose!

See you at Red & White Day!

~ Christopher Ford

Taken in Berlin, Germany

Taken in Berlin, Germany


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