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I’m Back! (And looking To Improve)!

Hello all!

Yes, it’s official – I’m back!  I flew in last thursday evening from Saskatoon, SK, and I was very excited to return home to Ontario and see my family, friends, and colleagues again. I must say however that it was pretty tough to say goodbye to all the new friends that I had made – and that’s also without mentioning how tough it was to say goodbye to the beautiful province that I called home throughout the month of May!

IMG_0804Regardless, I was still very excited – particularly, of course, to return to the community here at York University! So, as of this past Monday, I’m back here taking summer courses and working at SCLD.

Things are a little different for me here at SCLD, however. I no longer work at York’s RED Zone, as you may already have known from a previous post of mine, but at a new division of SCLD called Media & Communications. I am a member of a five person team that is responsible for all SCLD communications, such as the maintenance of all general SCLD social media accounts and multi-media. Furthermore, each of us acts as a liaison for another division of SCLD, and is responsible for assisting them in all of their media and communication needs! (Whether that means creating stuff like logos or videos, helping to improve pre-existing websites or social media accounts, providing advice for web pages or social media strategies, and much more). The division of SCLD that I will be the liaison for is, I am happy to say, Residence Life! I will be meeting with the Res Life team later on this week, and I will make sure to write an article to introduce them to you.

Now, for me, I have some things I want to improve on this year during my time  at Media & Communications – I’ll share them with you know, and in a few month, I’ll have a look back and see if I really have improved.

First, I want to improve my Video & Photo-Editing Skills! Although I have some knowledge on photo editing through photoshop, I have almost none in video-editing, and I really would like to improve my skills in both areas using programs like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom, iMovie, and, of course, Photoshop.

By extension, I want to also want to improve my skills and knowledge in how to take proper videos & photos – you certainly can’t begin to edit them without having first taken them properly! I’m hoping to learn more about things such as proper lighting and setting, as well as learn about the different kinds of cameras and lenses one can use to capture the perfect image(s).

For myself, I want to improve my time management skills. This job already seems to be much more fast-paced than RED Zone had been for me, so I’m going to have to manage my time better than I ever did before (since, outside of working full-time, I’m taking summer courses as well for the first time)! So far, I’m managing my time well, but I hope to continue getting better and better at doing so by the end of (and after) the summer.

Finally, I want to learn more about coding for the web. I already have a bit of knowledge on the HTML language, however things like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) are still relatively foreign to me. I will be using a website called Codecademy to help me with this last goal – it’s free, and it offers anyone with a computer and a web connection the opportunity to learn how to code! Feel free to leave any other sites like this in the comments if you’d like – I would certainly appreciate it.

I’ll probably create another post soon with some of my more personal goals for the summer/school year – however, what you can expect from The New York-er over the next few weeks or so is this:

  • A brief bio of myself and intro to my blog, for all those who are new to the New York-er
  • Two articles (en Français) of my final two weeks in Saskatchewan
  • An introduction to Residence Life
  • Lot’s of other fantastic (and, right now, top secret) stuff!

Once completed, all the above articles will be linked back to this article.

And, as always, feel free to leave me any comments or questions below!

À plus tard! (Translation: See ya later!)

~ Christopher Ford

My friends Alex (left) and Shane (centre), whom I met during my time in Saskatchewan

My friends Alex (left) and Shane (centre), whom I met during my time in Saskatchewan


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