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Wunderlist: Your Ultimate To-Do List

As I’ve talked about a long while ago in a previous post, being organized is incredibly important for success in the classroom, in the workplace, and just in life in general. However, for many of us (myself especially), it can be really challenging.

But recently, I’ve found myself being a a lot more organized thanks to a fantastic app called Wunderlist. Wunderlist is a to-do list application, though it is very much unlike anything that I’ve seen before. The long and short: It will help turn your to-do lists into DONE lists.

What makes it so special? Wunderlist, of course, allows you to type in tasks to help you keep track of all the stuff that you need to do, like any other to-do list app. But, aside from being incredibly versatile (there’s a mobile app available on kindle fire, apple, android, and, amazingly, windows phones; a desktop app on mac, windows, and chromebook; plugins for chrome, safari, and firefox; and, finally, it is accessible on, it also allows you to do some pretty unique things that other to-do list apps can’t. For example, you can:

  • unnamed-4Set separate due dates and reminders – if you’re anything like me, you need a heads up a few days in advance before something needs to be done. Wunderlist allows you to set reminders that are separate from the due dates for individual tasks, allowing you to receive notifications well in advance of task due dates. You can also set repeating due dates and reminders for weekly or monthly tasks.
  • Create sub-tasks – every have a project on your to-do list that is actually 10 different steps? Wunderlist let’s you input those specific steps as subtasks to be checked off individually as they’re completed. This will help you make sure that, by the end of your big project, you haven’t missed a thing!
  • Collaborate with others – many features of Wunderlist make it the perfect app for group work: you can share lists with friends/group mates, assign specific tasks to individual list members, and even post comments on tasks which are sent to other group members as a message. Wunderlist also provides users with a certain amount of cloud storage space, which you can use to upload files onto specific tasks.
  • unnamed-2Organize your organizer –Wunderlist also allows you to organize your list however you want using a number of tools; first, you can use categories to group similar lists together. Second, you can use tags in task titles to organize tasks across all your lists and list categories. Finally, Wunderlist has a number of organizing tools built-in, which will organize tasks across all your lists by date (daily, weekly, monthly) and priority (you can *Star high-priority tasks).

There are tons more features that make this app awesome, so I encourage you to check it out for yourself. The best part: IT’S COMPLETELY FREE! And, as a student, there’s not much better than that.

Give it a try! Until next time,

~ Christopher Ford


This app is one of many awesome apps that can do a lot to make life as a student easier – stay tuned for more posts in the future about great apps for students that you can download before the start of the FW 2015-16 term!

Weekly Featured Article

“What Does Academic Integrity Mean To You?”

The New York-er asked a number of current York University students: “What does Academic Integrity Mean to You?”

Here were some of the answers given…


“Academic integrity means always doing the best you can. No shortcuts.

Michelle Le
Health Policy

1001076_10153090867515434_2026055035_n“It means giving people credit for their work.”

Ernest Boakye

970980_10153123080270157_1015943025_n“It means following the rules – even if you know you won’t get caught.”

Morgan Shuker
Administrative Studies (Management)

“It means being honest and fair to the other people who are trying 1068857_10153073442255434_2082718952_ntheir best – how would you feel if someone who cheated got the same mark as you when you worked hard?”

Tahseen Mia
Administrative Studies (Accounting)

sheilashahrokhi_1369464298_23“It means respecting others and their hard work.”

Sheila Shahrokhi
Kinesiology & Health Sciences

544904_10151911577511542_1482665178_n“It means the importance of authenticity in your assignments”

Asmita Pal
BA ’13 – Children’s Studies

Weekly Featured Article

Honest Work

The Importance of Academic Integrity

Consider this hypothetical situation for a moment—You have finished your degree, and you have become very well-versed in your particular area of expertise. You have become so well-versed, in fact, that you have spent months working on a research paper that you plan to submit to a peer-reviewed academic journal for publication. How would you feel if, after your work has been published, someone else ‘borrows’ it and puts their own name on it? Would that be fair?

Whether you're doing a long paper or a quick report - be honest, show integrity, and give credit to others when it's due!

Whether you’re doing a long paper or a quick report – be honest, show integrity, and give credit to others when it’s due!

I pose this hypothetical situation in order to show why being honest and showing integrity in your academics is of utmost importance. Would you want someone else stealing your work or  your unique ideas?  I wouldn’t. And I’m certain that most people would agree with me.

Academic integrity is a complex issue, however—there are many other forms of academic dishonesty other than word-for-word plagiarism. That is why York University created the Academic Integrity Tutorial: in order to teach and remind students about acceptable behaviour in academics, about the many forms of plagiarism and academic dishonesty, and about what it means to show honesty and integrity in school.

What is the Academic Integrity Tutorial? It is a short, online tutorial—it takes Screen Shot 2013-08-12 at 11.16.52 AMapproximately 30-40 minutes—that is extremely important for all new and returning York University students to fill out. The tutorial will explain what academic integrity means according to York University, outline the many forms of academic dishonesty, show you how you can practice academic honesty while in school, and much more.

Why should I complete the tutorial? Well, for starters, many professors require that you submit confirmation of completing the tutorial alongside your first assignment. More importantly however, the tutorial allows you to learn more about plagiarism and academic honesty, like I said previously. Remember: Plagiarism does not always mean copying and pasting from wikipedia. It comes in many forms, and academic dishonesty cases have come from simple ignorance of citation rules, or overall omission of citations.

Don’t risk your grade. Don’t risk your degree. Know the facts. Do the Academic Integrity tutorial.

For more information on the Senate Policy on Academic Honesty, visit this website:

Tune in on Tuesday for my “What Does Academic Integrity Mean To You?” Article!

~ Christopher Ford