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Need to Know, Weekly Featured Article

YOU NEED TO KNOW My Go-To Breakfasts on Campus

Being a commuter student, I don’t eat on campus as often as your average resident. However sometimes I am in a rush and I don’t get the chance to eat breakfast at home. Sometimes (**knock on wood**) I DON’T EVEN HAVE TIME FOR A COFFEE IN THE MORNING.


And breakfast, of course!

So what do you do if you’re on campus in the morning and you’re looking for a quick (and reasonably priced) breakfast to tide you over? You check out my Go-To Breakfasts, that’s what!


This is my absolute favourite of all. The special (also called the Breakfast Special, but it’s served all day) consists of a bagel sandwich (you choose the type of bagel with egg and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham. It also contains a HOT & DELICIOUS MEDIUM COFFEE!

Price: $5.00 (All taxes included)


It’s a big breakfast… but on a sandwich! Everything that you would get in your average value breakfast is packed beneath the bread of your choice, and it usually comes with a small coffee.

Price: Approximately $4 (Taxes not included)


This breakfast tastes great, and is a great option for anyone with a gluten-free dietary restriction. It’s pretty well priced, too!

Price: $3.29 (tax not included -> about 4 bucks with tax)

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~ Christopher Ford

Need to Know


Sorry for the delay on this post, folks! I have had it all done for a little while, I was just out of town all weekend and didn’t have a chance to post it up. I’m sure you all of have been waiting patiently for it, coffee in hand, so here it is!

You’ve already heard the results from the survey about where the best places on campus to go for coffee are.

But are the results accurate? Are those TRULY the best places on campus to get coffee?

Personally, I will have to disagree. I like to think of myself as a bit of a coffee connoisseur, so to speak, so I take my coffee pretty seriously. And my top 3 are a little bit different from those of yesterday’s survey.

But enough talk about me. Let’s talk coffee. MY TOP THREE FAVOURITE COFFEES ON CAMPUS ARE….

#3: Second Cup’s Paradiso Dark

This coffee is an amazing dark roast that is nutty, aromatic, and all-around fantastic. It’s also organic and certified fair trade, which is certainly pretty awesome as well!

#2: Timothy’s & York University Cafeteria’s Las Nubes Medium Roast 

Available in a variety of roasts, Las Nubes coffee is awesome not only because of its rich taste and versatility, but also because of where it comes from! It is grown in a rainforest in Costa Rica known as Las Nubes, and it was donated to York University by Dr. Woody Fisher. The coffee is 100% Fair Trade Certified, and it tastes amazing!

To find out more about the Las Nubes Project, check out this website!

And, finally, #1…(drumroll please)…

#1 La Prep’s Empire French Roast

La Prep "Empire" coffee is an organically-grown French dark roast that is certified Fair Trade. If you prefer a lighter roast, try the organically-grown Sierra Verde medium roast coffee!

This awesome dark coffee is my absolute favourite. How dark is it, you ask? Think of the darkest blend possible, and that is Empire. It is simply fantastic, and if you are a coffee lover, you’re sure to love it!

So there you have it – my favourite coffees on campus.

Have your own favourites? Comment them below! I’d love to try them out! 🙂

~ Christopher Ford

Need to Know, Weekly Featured Article

You Need To Know WHO HAS THE BEST COFFEE ON CAMPUS (As Chosen By You!)

Over the summertime, I decided to conduct a survey. Its goal – to debunk the age-old mystery that haunts York’s coffee-lovers each morning: who are the keepers of quality coffee on campus?

A_small_cup_of_coffeeWhere should you get that morning cup of jo? At a place like York University, where there are food and drink options virtually everywhere you turn, it’s sometimes hard to decide. Especially if you’re like me, and you can barely think – let alone function – without having had your coffee yet. 

So I decided to ask the York Community where they prefer to get coffee on campus. The target group was a total of 66 people from various year levels and programs. Here were the results from the survey…

23 people said Starbucks,

18 people said Tim Horton’s,

12 people said Second Cup,

people said La Prep

people said Treats,

and 1 person said Falafel Hut. 004

There are a number of other places on campus to get coffee, though. The Great Canadian Bagel (located in York Lanes), Timothy’s (located in Schulich), and the many ARAMARK cafeterias located around campus (Central Square, Winters College, Stong College, Osgoode, etc) all have great coffee as well!

So there you have it – the best places to get coffee on campus, as chosen by you!

What are MY top 3 favourite coffees on campus, you ask? Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow to find out!

Until then, I’ll be getting coffee.

~ Christopher Ford

My friends and I at the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto, 2011

My friends and I at the Buffalo Bills game in Toronto, 2011