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My (Not-in-Canada) Canada Day!

I did a bit of a bad thing this weekend…I left the country during Canada Day. I know what you’re thinking – Why, Chris? Why leave this beautiful country on the most important day of the year? Whyyyy? Relax, folks – I promise I had a good reason. For my family and I, July 1st has never just been Canada Day. In addition to being the birthday of our great Nation in the North, July 1st is also the birthdate of my brother, Justin!


There he is – what a beauty, eh?

And so, for my brother’s birthday (and, you know, just ’cause), we hopped in the car and drove out to NYC for a weekend. None of us had ever been to New York City, and so it was a wonderful opportunity to go away for a weekend as a family and discover a new part of North America. I had only been to the United States once before (I was in a hockey tournament in Rochester many years ago), and so it was pretty exciting for me, although I did not know a whole lot about New York City going into the trip. We left early Saturday morning and arrived there in the early afternoon, and we stayed until noon on Tuesday (Canada Day). Continue reading