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What I’ve Been Up To At Media & Comm. (And Otherwise)

Well, it certainly has been a busy and exciting summer here at SCLD. There’s been lots to do and create, and all of us with the Media & Communications team have been working diligently on a variety of projects.

So what projects have I been working on?

I got back from Saskatchewan about a month after the rest of the team had already begun working, but thankfully I’ve managed to complete some stuff and catch up a bit since my return.

So far, I’ve completed first and second drafts of the 2014-2015 Parent & Family Calendar, a calendar that’s given out to the parents and family members of new students at the beginning of the academic year. It’s still in-progress.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 2.02.56 PM

Here’s a first look at this year’s front and rear covers – but SHHHH! It’s top secret!

I’ve also completed the first 5 blog posts for the Orientation Blog Series featured on our website, a few of which feature some of my photography and videos! Nikki and I have been working hard on this series, and you can check out her posts (which help introduce new students to the presidents and O-Chairs of their respective colleges) there too!


Here’s a sample photo of mine from the past few weeks. It’s been my first time experimenting with photography and video, and so I’m really excited to learn more and become more familiar with our team’s camera!

Want to see a sample of one of my videos? Check this out!

The best part about the series: it’s not over, so there’s still lots more about orientation to come!

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the wonderful team over at Res Life! As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am currently the Media & Comm. liaison for Residence Life, and so far I’ve assisted in making a video for don training (which has since been completed) and am currently in the process of filming and editing another video that will be shown during don training. We also have a giant infographic in the works too, which I’m pretty excited about.

And of course, as always, I’ve been blogging, instagramming, tweeting, and pinning to my heart’s content.

However, outside of this work stuff, I’ve had the opportunity to visit New York City, spend time with family and friends, go camping, bike around main street in my hometown of Markham, and tons of other stuff. But ‘ve had a lot of work to do, too.  I’m currently still in summer school doing one (thankfully just one) course, Applied Ethics. That’s PHIL 2075 for anyone looking to take it. It’s really cool, and the textbook for the course is extremely interesting; I’m actually doing really well in it, too, based on my midterm mark and the marks from my two papers and two debates. However, it’s going to be a busy next two weeks in school for me – I have a paper due this thursday and an in-class marked debate to be a part of, as well as a final paper worth 30% of my grade due the following week. I’ll have to go pedal to the metal for the next little while!

But I still have to remember to have some fun along the way – summer is almost over, after all!

Until next time,

~ Christopher Ford

Here's a shot of my dad and I outside the New York Times HQ in Manhattan

Here’s a shot of my dad and I outside the New York Times HQ in Manhattan

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I’ve Pinned A Winner!


As you may have already guessed from Morgan’s blog post yesterday, we at Media & Communications are discussing which social media platform is our personal favourite.

Now, in my opinion, all social media platforms have their positives (and their negatives, certainly), and every platform has its own niche or function which, in certain ways, helps it to out-perform others. However, if I had to pick a favourite right at this moment (because, just as social media changes very quickly, my opinions of each platform change quickly as well), it would definitely have to be…



For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pinterest, let me give you the main four steps of Pinterest – Discover, Pin, Organize, and Discover some more.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 3.59.28 PMThe first step, Discover, starts with you! Whether you found it online or outside, any cool photos you have can be, quickly or easily, uploaded to Pinterest. As soon as you upload something to Pinterest or share it from another site or user, you have successfully made a pin!

That’s exactly the second step: Pinning! One of the great things that I found on Pinterest was not only that it very easily allows you to pin original content from your computer, but that it’s even easier to pin content that you’ve found on other sites. To do so, just copy the link to the awesome site you found, click “Add from a Website,” paste the link, and BAM! – Pinterest pulls photos from that site for you to share on your boards! And, of course, Pinterest links all photos back to their original source, and will not pull photos from sites that do not want them to be used.

I mentioned “Boards” not too long ago – that is the basis for the third step: Organize. When you “pin” something, you have to have a “Board” to pin it on, and therefore Pinterest has you create boards to house all of your pins.

But boards have a purpose – they allow you to categorize your posts, or to keep pins with similar themes together. The themes of your boards can be as specific as “Places I’ve Been,” or as broad-reaching as “Coffee.” The possibilities really are endless!

Once you’ve completed those three steps – you’ve discovered cool stuff, you’ve pinned it, and you’ve organized it in awesome boards – you can continue on to the best step of all: Discover Some More! Have a particular area of interest, such as DIY projects, fashion, or travel? Use Pinterest’s incredibly easy search tools and recommendations to find and follow boards of users across the globe (like me, if you’d like 😉 )! Then, you can share things from other users by pinning them on your boards!

Now I want to hear from you – what’s your favourite social media platform? Comment below and let me know!

See you on the web!

~ Christopher Ford

My friend Melissa and I at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada

My friend Melissa and I at Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada