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What I’ve Been Up To At Media & Comm. (And Otherwise)

Well, it certainly has been a busy and exciting summer here at SCLD. There’s been lots to do and create, and all of us with the Media & Communications team have been working diligently on a variety of projects.

So what projects have I been working on?

I got back from Saskatchewan about a month after the rest of the team had already begun working, but thankfully I’ve managed to complete some stuff and catch up a bit since my return.

So far, I’ve completed first and second drafts of the 2014-2015 Parent & Family Calendar, a calendar that’s given out to the parents and family members of new students at the beginning of the academic year. It’s still in-progress.

Screen Shot 2014-07-28 at 2.02.56 PM

Here’s a first look at this year’s front and rear covers – but SHHHH! It’s top secret!

I’ve also completed the first 5 blog posts for the Orientation Blog Series featured on our website, a few of which feature some of my photography and videos! Nikki and I have been working hard on this series, and you can check out her posts (which help introduce new students to the presidents and O-Chairs of their respective colleges) there too!


Here’s a sample photo of mine from the past few weeks. It’s been my first time experimenting with photography and video, and so I’m really excited to learn more and become more familiar with our team’s camera!

Want to see a sample of one of my videos? Check this out!

The best part about the series: it’s not over, so there’s still lots more about orientation to come!

I’ve also had the opportunity to work with the wonderful team over at Res Life! As I’ve mentioned in earlier posts, I am currently the Media & Comm. liaison for Residence Life, and so far I’ve assisted in making a video for don training (which has since been completed) and am currently in the process of filming and editing another video that will be shown during don training. We also have a giant infographic in the works too, which I’m pretty excited about.

And of course, as always, I’ve been blogging, instagramming, tweeting, and pinning to my heart’s content.

However, outside of this work stuff, I’ve had the opportunity to visit New York City, spend time with family and friends, go camping, bike around main street in my hometown of Markham, and tons of other stuff. But ‘ve had a lot of work to do, too.  I’m currently still in summer school doing one (thankfully just one) course, Applied Ethics. That’s PHIL 2075 for anyone looking to take it. It’s really cool, and the textbook for the course is extremely interesting; I’m actually doing really well in it, too, based on my midterm mark and the marks from my two papers and two debates. However, it’s going to be a busy next two weeks in school for me – I have a paper due this thursday and an in-class marked debate to be a part of, as well as a final paper worth 30% of my grade due the following week. I’ll have to go pedal to the metal for the next little while!

But I still have to remember to have some fun along the way – summer is almost over, after all!

Until next time,

~ Christopher Ford

Here's a shot of my dad and I outside the New York Times HQ in Manhattan

Here’s a shot of my dad and I outside the New York Times HQ in Manhattan

J'Explore! Mon Voyage à Saskatchewan, Weekly Featured Article

J’Explore – Jour 1!


Ma chambre à Petro Mohyla, à Saskatoon

Bonjour à tous!

Aujourd’hui, c’est le premier jour pour la programme Explore pour moi, et je suis très excité! Hier, j’ai pris un avion à Saskatoon, et j’avait un chance d’emménager dans le residence Mohyla et d’explorer l’université du Saskatchewan. Mais, les cours commencent aujourd’hui.

Voilà des photos de mon exploration de l’université!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

J’espère que je peux faire des autres explorations aujourd’hui – et je sais que les cours serrent fantastique, et informatifs!

À bientôt!

~ Christopher Ford

Weekly Featured Article

Why York’s Birthday Will Be Your Favourite Day Of The Year

York University turns 55 this year on March 26th, 2014. And you know what that means?

That means your soon-to-be most favourite day of the year is almost here!

Reasons why it’s awesome:

1) FREE Cupcakes, Snow Cones, & Popcorn

Because who doesn’t love stuffing their face for the sake of celebration? giphy

2) Annual Photo Competition (Win Free Coffee for Your WHOLE CLASS)

Faculty of Health Professor Walter Dyba’s class photo, Coaching- KIN 2475, was selected in 2013 as having “Best in Class Spirit” – his class received FREE Coffee!

3) Red & White Spirit Rally! (Tons of Energy and School Spirit Throughout The Day)

Seen here is Rhonda Lenton, vice-provost academic, and Steve Dranitsaris, senior executive officer in the Office of Vice-President, Finance & Administration, who dressed in their best York gear for Spirit Day 2012

Lots of people are showing their support – check out all of this year’s York Spirit Partners!

4)Discounts at the Bookstore and Pride Shop

Get 10% off selected items at the Pride Shop at Tait Mackenzie and 25% off all York gear at the Bookstore!

5) $10 Tees

I got my York shit the summer before my first day... Should have waited until Red & White Day

TEN. DOLLAR. YORK. TEES. I bought my (first) York Tee in first year for, like 25 bucks, if I remember correctly. I think you get my point…

6) Great Food


Food trucks on food trucks on food trucks.

7) Red & White EVERYWHERE


A group of York is U volunteers from last year’s Red & White Day

8) Because Another Year of York University is Definitely Something To Celebrate!

Maybe there will be another fireworks display, like at this year’s frosh week? One can dream, I suppose!

See you at Red & White Day!

~ Christopher Ford

Taken in Berlin, Germany

Taken in Berlin, Germany

Need to Know

YOU NEED TO KNOW About Preparing For January: Full-Year Courses

Not all of us will be starting fresh with brand new courses in second semester. If you’re like me, then you have a lot of full year courses (or all full year courses), and January will simply mean picking up where you left off.

However, that doesn’t mean you should not prepare for the beginning of semester two.

But how can you prepare? 

Well, let me tell you a little bit about what I plan on doing after the end of my exams in order to be ready for January – feel free to draw from them or to come up with your own preparation plan!

First and foremost, I plan on catching up on all the things I missed or fell behind on. Although I am sure all of you have perfect work habits and put school ahead of fun every chance you get (**Cough**Cough**), every so often there may come a time when you just can’t get a reading done, you don’t get a chance to review your lecture notes, or you fall behind in some way. Use your time during the break to bring yourself up to speed and to finish all the work that you didn’t get a chance to complete in the Fall semester. Maybe even try re-writing your notes a little neater or reading through them so that you don’t forget all that you’ve learned from September to December! Whatever you decide to do, use your break to not only have fun, but to finish semester 1 off strong – and to ensure you are ready to continue in semester 2!

Next, I plan on completing upcoming assignments. Have a research paper or a project due in semester 2? As long as you’ve already been provided with the instructions, you can definitely work on it over the break (and maybe even finish it)! The good thing about this is that when regular readings and homework begin once again in January, you will have already gotten enough done on your project to focus solely on learning all the new material, rather than silently stressing about getting it done.

Finally, I plan on assessing my performance, and making a plan for the future. Not sure if you have read my post from a few months ago about being organized, entitled “Organization As The Key To Academic Success,” but one of the things I mention is picking a ‘reset’ day. What this means is picking a day that you can sit down and see how you’ve been doing so far – by this, I mean sitting down and asking yourself questions like…

 Have I been following my schedule? 

Have I been sticking to my budget?

Have I been getting my assignments done?

Am I happy with where I’m at right now? 

We ask ourselves questions like these in order to identify where we have done well and where improvement on our part is needed.

And so during the break, sit down and use questions like these to assess your semester one performance. Once you have identified your strengths and your weaknesses, create a plan that helps maintain those strengths and correct those weaknesses – I promise that it will make for an even more rewarding semester two.

That will be my plan for the break. What’s your’s? Comment below, and let me know!

~ Christopher Ford

Photograph of me on Day 9 of Movember – and the Mo is even bigger today on the halfway mark!